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Herby Dan was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee, where he received his BS in mathematics. From there he continued to law school and completed his JD. During his free time, Herby enjoyed baking as a hobby.

After graduating from law school, Herby practiced law. A short time later he quit law, and took up baking as a full time occupation, realizing this was his true love. He opened a bakery in his hometown, Memphis.

In 1986, Herby made aliyah with his family, and relocated the bakery to Bet El. He became partners with Avraham Winter, and hired several employees.

Herby's Bake Shop offers cakes, pies, cookies and challahs, among other sweet and moist pastries, available in both whole wheat and white flours. Recently, a new pizza shop was established within the bakery.


Bet El, Israel   ::   Phone: 972-2-9973631